oh, if thinking found love and love found thinking! ™

THE ugly duckling MIND! ™


a butterfly cannot be a dragonfly
and a dragonfly a hummingbird
a hummingbird a raven
a raven a golden eagle
a golden eagle a human

forever separated by the space
and joined.in.the.time
it is impossible to be another soul



On Jacob's Ladder

on Jacob's ladder there are rungs
each one a hope
and the promise that never
is affection to be sacrificed
love to be held only as a memory
for Jehovah shall never
separate lovers and friends
since on Jacob's ladder
there are rungs.


what does the paper
upon which writing depends
have to say about the ideas written upon it?

the canvas upon we paint?
our mind by which we think?

the void that stays the stars,
the moment eternal?

the honey bee

the honey bee works for the joy of the nectar,
but he does not know what a harvest he brings in. ™

the secret.secret.is.the.dot - in italian


una farfalla non può essere una libellula
e una libellula un colibrì
un colibrì un corvo
un corvo un'aquila reale
un aquila reale un essere umano
sempre separati dallo spazio
e unito nel tempo
è impossibile essere un'altra anima

non ho tanta voglia!


so if two is good― then what about three? ™

massively online thinking is happening to you— choose your partners wisely! ™

be the road and you'll be there first. ™

excitement is incentive to cooperation producing synergy as fuel for excitement. ™

how can anything you trade for toilet paper be that exciting!
please never again tell us that it takes money to make money. that is so boring. ©

so keep the dollar in view just not as your lenses©

You have to go through the NOs to get to the YESs and
and unfortunately you have to go through the nose to only to find out you come to the asses!

so laugh then because yes we do and remember this:
To catch a pig you have to be smarter than a pig.©
We are all pigs so find you a truffle hunting pig.©

What is a truffle hunting pig?
how much is a truffle worth?

we manage expectations not expect expectations©

law 1: possession of vision must fail within a selfish mind ™

massively online thinking ™
all are ™ and ©
the.secret.secret.is.the.dot, jacob's ladder, the honey bee, and the rest of this stuff by joe.lombardo ©
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